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Lockdown Loopy-ness

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Some words about how lock down has encouraged people to explore their own patch on bike, seeking out local loops, micro adventures and really facilitated the discovery of adventure from our doorstep.


This National lockdown has impacted our lives in ways we might never had imagined.

Whilst following the advice and guidelines to stay home we have been encouraged to take walks/rides that start and finish at our front door. Along with many others I have seriously discovered an appreciation for the world on my doorstep that might otherwise have been taken for granted.

I do think many of us are led to believe that the thirst for adventure and exploration can only be quenched by embarking on some ridiculously long and remote expedition in some foreign land. Although I have had many exciting trips abroad, being told I should only go on adventures that start and finish from my front door has resulted in an exciting mission to head out on a different loop every time I leave the front door.

Its these small, some would say 'micro', adventures that have been keeping myself, and others sane. I genuinely get excited to get a map out and look for a new trail, a stream I've never seen, find a building I never knew was there. I study the names of hills, rivers even the streets, and ask why? What is the history why that name? I let the loop I ride or walk be a journey of discovery guided by curiosity.

The term micro adventures has been gaining quite a bit of popularity recently and that's exactly what I am talking about. I see more local people enjoying their local environment than ever before and long may it continue. Under the current restrictions we are being encouraged to discover our own little micro adventures on our very own home turf and we couldn't be in a better country for it. In Wales, Scotland & England we are incredibly fortunate to have a robust, well maintained network of rights of way. Trails snaking through all manner of terrains from ancient woodlands to wild open mountain.

I feel incredibly lucky to live here in Snowdonia, surrounding me is an absolute wilderness of public rights of way and open access land. I can take a 5 mile ride or walk from my front door and see something new every time, and it's not just me that gets to enjoy this luxury, its every one of us. The public rights of way system is there for us all, whether you live rurally or in bigger towns and cities.

It might seem daunting at first, to wander somewhere unfamiliar off the beaten track. But to do something different, find a fresh loop and learn something new gives us that little bit of inspiration we need to keep our heads up and get through this without going too 'Loopy'.

So how do you do it?

Get a local Ordnance Survey map, either the paper version or browse online via Know your rights! Learn through the map legend that can be found online or attached to the paper maps about where you can and can't go. If it's a green dashed path, you legally can explore it! If it's a peachy shade of land its 'open access', you can roam on it!

If you would like to learn more about how to discover your doorstep and plan some new loops either on bike or foot, then drop me a message to learn how.

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